Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days..

Well.. it's that time again.. you guessed it! School time! Summer went by SO fast, but it is fun to see a lot of my friends every day now... and I really like all my classes. especially office aide. It is super fun!
Well.. my week of going back to school started by going to the museum with my cheer team. It was SUPER fun/sad because it was the titanic thing and everything they had in there made me want to cry.. and how they give you those ticket things.. that makes it even more sad because then you start thinking about what that person went through and it is really sad. They had to give up their lives for people, and some of them let other people live and they died... then there was the opposite where they wanted to live no matter what they had to do to live. I am glad I didn't live then to be in that situation. It would be too sad. Then that night I went to Kallie's house and Kelsy, Kallie, and I hung out. It was fun.
(Kelsy, Kallie, and I)
So I went shopping for some shoes the day before school and got 2 cute pairs!! And I had fun wearing my Spoon Me shirt. haha. :)
School started Thursday. It was so fun seeing everyone and going to all my classes. After school Kallie, Presley, and I hung out. We went to Wingers and ate. It was YUMMY. We saw a HUGE spider though and we were all freaking out. It was funny. Then Kallie and I went to her house to grab some gas money from her mom cause Kallie almost ran out of gas. So I filled up her gas tank for her. It was pretty fun. Then we went to Abbott's and then we got Bahama Mama Sno Cones! They were SOO good. Then since Kallie owns a tanning place we were gonna go tan but we ended up going to Broulim's for 2 HOURS talking to Kelsy. It was fun.
(Kallie and I the first day of school)
(WOAH... we have almost matching pants.. ha)
(So this little kid was at Broulim's when we were. He was eating Ice cream and you can't really tell in the first picture.. but the ice cream was like an inch thick on his face.. it was so cute.. and I had to be kinda sneaky. Well.. he started looking at us so we were saying hi and talking to him and he was just smiling and then his dad cleaned of his face and then the little boy looked straight at us.. that is why that second picture is up there. after I took the picture he started laughing. He was so cute.)
So today was the second day of school. It was fun. I had to deliver TONS of papers to classes for the office aide class and then Cassie (the other office aide) and I helped Mrs. Thurber (Vice principal) With separating shirts and writing teachers names on them. It was fun. Then I went to Kallie's and hung out there for a while and when I was coming home I took this picture. It is my second day of school outfit.

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