Sunday, August 2, 2009


So yesterday I mowed the lawn.. and when I came in my sister called! She Said her and Tyler were on their way out to our house with their stuff. I was wondering what she was talking about.. and so I asked she told me that her and Tyler were moving in for a few weeks until they move in to their new apartment. I was SUPER excited. Now I can see my sister everyday. It is fun. So they got here and I helped them bring in all their stuff.

Then last night we went to my cousin's reception. It was SO cute.. I had never pictured green, teal, and red together.. but it was super cute. All her things were like tropical kind of. It was so cute. They had sweedish fish (My favorite), and those Blue gummy shark things (love them too). And Kiri looked absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats Kiri and Josh.

So since they didn't have any dinner stuff at the reception, my mom, my sister, and I went to Wendy's and I got the asain chicken!! YUMMY to my tummy!!! It is So good! I had a great day.

Today at church I wore my Zebra striped shoes and my favorite old lady in the ward saw me and she always looks at my shoes cause she loves all my shoes.. So she saw them and of course she thought they were so cute and so did a lot of people in my ward.. I loved it. It made me feel good about myself.. haha. So I want to thank all the people in my ward that made me feel good! :)


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alexandria said...

i am not in your ward, but i totally love your style and i bet your zebra shoes are so cute! it was fun to see you at the reception!

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