Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Fun!! :)

Saturday was Austin's cousin's baby shower. Her baby is SO tiny!! ha. It was a fun little baby shower and I ate WAY too many cupcakes and slush! haha. :)
Afterwards we went to my mother-in-law's house and I got to play with Ellie and the fam! :) She is so cute!! I can't get enough!!!! haha. :) She was telling so many stories to us all day!! :)
While we were at my in-laws... Austin and Blake went mountain biking up in Jackson and Aust's leg got all scraped up. I feel so bad for him!!! We have been putting antibiotics on it and bandaging it up. I hope it gets better SOON!! Even though he got scratched up he had SO much fun! :)
Well yesterday I was having fun with snapchat and I took this picture and Austin told me I look like a biker girl!! hahahaha. 
Well happy July 1st!!!! :) I can't believe it is July already!!!!!
Have a great Monday! :)

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