Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Year Anniversary!!!

To tell you the truth I honestly can't believe I have been married for 2 years!!! :) It has been the best 2 years of my life!!! :) Austin is the best husband ever and he makes me want to do better every day! :) He treats me like a queen and he always reminds me how much he loves me!! Which I love!! :) It is so fun to watch how he reacts to our baby girl moving or just talking about her. He gets so excited and it makes me even more excited!! :) I lucked out in the husband department!! SERIOUSLY!! He is such a gentleman and I will love him FOREVER!! :)
Our anniversary was on July 2, and we celebrated all day! :)
We decided that this year we were going to do some work in our yard for our anniversary (like my mom said... You know you are married and love each other when want to do yard work for your anniversary.). Part of it could be because the only other things we could think of to do was things like, go to lagoon, go to iJump, go mountain biking... all things I can't do since I'm pregnant. haha. But we had such a great time!! :) We have been wanting to sand down our deck and stain it for so long, so we decided that is what we would do! Austin started out the day with getting a sander and picking strawberries for me out of our tiny strawberry patch, and I cut up a watermelon and made blueberry muffins! :) 
Then we went and got our stain! :) Then we got to work!
I sanded a little and then we decided to switch jobs, so Austin sanded the deck  while I pounded down all the nails, which that alone made it look TONS better!!! :) We took a break and had some otter pops!

Then we got back to work. We had to sand because the deck had been painted before that and we wanted to stain it and the paint was peeling and you can't stain over paint, so that is why we were sanding it! haha.
Around 4 ish it started raining a little bit and so we decided to stop for the day. We got all the nailing done and we got tons of the sanding done!! :) We still have some sanding to do, but we are almost done! :) I am so excited to see the finished product! haha. :) Oh and Aust trimmed down all the overgrown bushes around our deck which were extremely overgrown, and so that helped!! And it looks lots better now, even though trimming them down made them just have the branches now, so they kind of look dead, but hopefully it starts growing! :) 
So we got ready to head to town and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! It was delicious!!! :) We got fried pickles and they were so good!! :) Texas Roadhouse is the place to get appetizers because they aren't expensive, so you don't feel like you have to tame down your main dish to get the appetizer! :) 
After that we went to Lowe's and got hinges and handles for our cabinets that are needing new ones, and so that is how we ended our night!! :)
It was a great anniversary!! :) Austin makes spending time with him so fun, no matter what we are doing!! :) 
Have a great Tuesday!! :)

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