Friday, July 12, 2013

Getting Things Ready for Baby Girl!! :)

So this week has pretty much been dedicated to our baby! hahaha. Well kind of!! :)
First, my mom gave us a challenge this year to read the Book of Mormon by the time Andy got home and guess what??!! I finished!! :) Aust and I both!! :) It is such a great accomplishment, and I love reading the Book of Mormon. I feel like I learn something new EVERY single time I read it! :)
Next... so we decided to start getting ready for our baby girl to get here, and to start, we had been using her room as like a storage room and it was just kind of a mess, so we cleaned it up and set up her crib!! :)
Isn't it so cute?? :)
Then I have been trying to make bread so we don't have to buy it from the store, because let's face it... homeade bread tastes SO much better!! :) So I made white bread and cinnamon bread last time, so this time I made wheat bread, and I will probably alternate every time! :) This wheat bread tastes so good!! It is like the perfect consistency and moistness! haha. So we have been eating meat sandwiches and this is an egg salad sandwich I made! :)
So you know how I was talking about getting ready for our baby girl to get here??? Well here is a sneak peek of what I am working on!! :) 
And Thursday (yesterday) I hit the 30 week mark!!! 3/4 the way done!! WOOHOO!! I only have 10 weeks left!! Which my sister informed me that it could be less than 10 weeks too, but if it is, I hope it isn't much less cause I want her to be a healthy baby!! :) I am so excited to meet her!! I can hardly believe July is almost half way over!!!! It is so crazy how fast time flies!! :) 
And this week I ordered my diaper bag!!! :D AHHH!!! I am so excited for it to get here!! :) It feels like there is just so much to do in so little time!! haha. I guess that just means I will be busy getting everything all together, and if any of you are ever wondering where I am... you will know that I am getting ready for our sweet baby girl's arrival!! :D YAY!!! :)
Have a great Friday!!! :) And probably weekend! :)

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