Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Andy's Homecoming

Sunday was Andy's homecoming!! I didn't get any pictures of Aust and I but oh well!! haha. :) It went great!! He did such a good job!! Another boy in my mom's ward got home too, so it was his homecoming as well. For the musical number Austin helped out! :) They had the future missionaries in both families sing I Hope They Call Me On A Mission, and then it transitioned into Army of Helaman where Andy, one of his companions from the mish, and my cousin sang in Portuguese, Then my mom and two of my cousins sang in Spanish, and then Austin and all the other returned missionaries in both families sang in English! :) It was so great!! Sheena wasn't able to be there since she's in NC, so I sent her this snapchat, so she could see Andy talk haha. and he recorded his talk and sent it to her! :)
Well on our way to church, we stopped by my mom's house to put my salad and dessert in the fridge and we saw a car parked/wrecked by a pivot! We thought it was weird but we figured everyone knew about it. Well at church then my mom and I were talking to my grandpa Del Ray and he told us that there was a shooting in Rigby and the guy shot and killed some other guy and then drove out here and that was his car and he is on the run now (but the police have found him now!). The police were looking for his car and they had found it after we were at church!!! It's so crazy that we found a car the police were looking for but didn't even know!! ha.
Well so on our way to my mom's house the police were at that pivot and so we had to go around the fork in the road to get to my mom's house. haha.
SCARY!!! hahaha. We were joking that we would get to my mom's and he would be there eating the food and taking clothes! hahahaha.
Anyway... It was a great day!! And there was tons of DELICIOUS food!! :) Austin was like, "Have you noticed that the best food is always served at homecomings?" hahaha. It was fun having family up and getting to chat with them! :) 
Have a great Tuesday!! :)

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