Monday, July 15, 2013

Day spent in Jackson/West Yellowstone!!

Saturday was so fun!! :) 
We woke up and Aust had to go to work for a little, and then we were off to Jackson! :) 
Aust was going to go mountain biking with Blake, while I went shopping with Alex and Ellie in Jackson, but it was raining, so we all just walked around Jackson together! :) It was so fun and Ellie was so happy that whole day!! She is so stinkin cute!!
She really wanted some Huckleberry Soda! ha :)
Then we left Jackson and decided to go through Yellowstone Park to get to West Yellowstone because there was construction the other way... Well little did we realize that we had to pay more than we thought to drive through the park haha and then everyone was driving so slow, so it seemed like such a long drive, but I was actually glad we went that way because it was so pretty and it was so fun to see all the scenery! :)
We got to West Yellowstone and met up with Austin's parents just in time for the show at Playmill that we went to! We saw Fiddler on the Roof and it was a great play/musical!! :D Our seats were at the top where there wasn't any AC!!! Oh man!!! I seriously thought I was going to die!! Like from the beginning when I first sat down it was SO hot!!! So for intermission I usually get Heidi's Fudge, but we had gotten Salted Caramel and Raspberry Chocolate Fudge in Jackson, so Aust got me some ice cream and ice cold water instead!!! MMMM!!! It was perfect since it was so hot!! It cooled me down a little! haha. The heat was worth it though!! We love the Playmill!! :)
Then we ate dinner to finish our fun filled day!! :)
We had a great time with Austin's family and it was so fun!! 
Have a great Monday! :)

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