Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy Partying!!

We have had so much fun since Andy has been home!! Well we had tons of fun before too, but you know what I mean! haha. :)
So the day after Andy got home we went to the temple. We were supposed to go the day he got home, but then he got home on the 4th of July, so the temple was obviously closed. haha. So we went the day after! Then we ate at Nielsen's Frozen Custard, which is always AMAZING!! :) I seriously love their frozen custard!! :) Then everyone came out to our house to play games!! It was a blast!! We played games and talked! :)
The next day Aust and I went fabric shopping for our baby girl's room!! :) Then we ate at Sweeto Burrito (I got the Sweeto Burrito and Aust got the All- American! :D), and then I had my first snow cone (Barbie, which is watermelon and passion fruit!) of the summer!! YUM-O!!!! :D I didn't get any pictures of that date though! DANG!
The next day we went to church and then I made caramel brownies and ate at my mom's and hung out there. We talked, some took naps, and Andy told us all about Brazil and gave us sweet stuff!! :)
This candy is really good actually!! :) And there were also some chocolates that were good! :) One tasted like nutella!! MMM!! The top container is this like peanut butter candy roll things! and then the bottom candy is kind of like a white chocolate kit kat! :)
Andy gave me these havaianas!! They are super comfy flip flops and I have seriously worn them every day since I got them!! haha. Andy was telling us that in Brazil when children or pets are misbehaving, the parents or whoever will take their havaianas off and shake them up by their head as if they were going to smack the kids or pets and the kids or pets would start to behave! hahaha.
He got Aust this sweet soccer jersey!! :) Because obviously soccer is big there!! :D haha. Andy kept showing us things he got and he'd be like, ya this is my soccer team! haha. :) 
It is so fun hearing about Andy's mission experiences and spending time with family!! :) We have been having a blast and have just been busy partying as you can see from this post! :) 
Thanks for the havaianas and jersey Andy (and for sharing your candy with us!! :D)! :) We love them! :)
Have a great Thursday!! :)

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