Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crazy week + 31 weeks!

My mom sent me home with some of the pork from Andy's Homecoming lunch thing and so we had yummy salad for dinner the other night!! It was DELISH! :D
Ok so I made this skirt for my cute little niece and Alex sent me this picture along with a video of her squealing!! It was the funniest, cutest thing!! :D She is just so adorable!! :D
Things around here have been very different! hahahaha. I am still working on stuff for baby girl's room! :)
Then the other night there was a CRAZY thunderstorm/lightning!! I hopped in the shower and half way through... BAM!!! I couldn't see anything!!! I was screaming for Austin and he came in and held a flashlight for me to finish showering! I felt bad cause it was like midnight and he had been sleeping! ha. Then since the power was out, the water pressure was going down obviously! hahaaha. So I hurried and finished and there wasn't enough water pressure in the sink, so I had to brush my teeth in the tub! haha. Ya... it was a crazy night!! And I had just gotten groceries and so I was freaking out thinking that the food would go bad in the fridge. BUT then the craziest thing happened! ha. I said a prayer because I was freaking out so bad and right as I was praying to help the power come back on soon, right as I said soon... BAM!! The power came back on!! haha. :) It was so cool! :) I know it's a tiny thing, but things like that show how powerful prayer can be and how we need to have faith! :) I am so grateful for prayer and the gospel and I am excited to teach our little girl about the gospel with Austin! :)
Anyway... so last night I ran to the bathroom, and when I came back, Austin had set up the table like this! Everything is around my plate! hahahaha. He always does such funny things, he cracks me up! haha. 
Then this morning when I woke up to make breakfast, I turned on the sink and there was NO water!!! AHH.... well turns out the motor went bad in the well... YIKES!!! Power outage, well going out... What else?? hahaha. No I'm kidding.. I think we will have a smooth sailing rest of the week! :) haha. 
So as of today I am 31 WEEKS!!!!!!!! :D
I honestly can not believe I only have 9 weeks left!! It's crazy because in a way it is flying, but then in a way, it is going by so slow!! haha. It must just be because it is SO close that I just want it to be here!!! hahaha. Lately baby girl likes to chill either on my left side or up by my ribs! ha. Now when she moves, it is visible!! You can totally see my belly moving! and I think it's funny when she is pushed up against my belly and the side she is on pokes out more than my other side! haha. I just love watching her move (like I am right now! :D)! 
Well have a great Thursday!! :)

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