Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Gotta Love February... haha.

Not much has been going on lately. haha. Except over the weekend!!
Saturday the cheerleaders had competition and they did really good for having to switch it around that week because a girl was ineligible. ha. And Also... Friday I made Orange Rolls and brought them to the cheerleaders and they thought they were the best they had ever tried so that is definitely a make again recipe.... but I didn't take pictures. dang it! haha.
Well then it's calving season and I went with Aust to check on the cows and calves and there were a ton! And they were so cute! {You might not think they are cute, but I think they are... they are just so tiny!! haha.} There was one that was just born and it was trying to stand up and it kept falling over, it was so sad! :( haha. But it finally was able to master standing up and walking! :) haha.
Here is one of the babies... {This is the one that was just born}
They're so cute when they are brand new and they get ugly... hahaha.
Then Sunday we had dinner at my mom's and it was really fun and we all went up and looked at our baby books and just talked... it was great! :)
And then other than that, I've just been doing homework and crocheting some cute things!! :) haha.
Have a Great Day!! :D

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