Monday, February 13, 2012

Superbowl!! :D

This year for superbowl, we had the party at our house. It was so fun! I didn't take any pictures of people though :( but I took pictures of the food! :D haha. My mom and Rusten came, Sheena and Tyler, Austin's parents and Hannah, Our friends Tyson and Kate, and Austin's cousins Tyson and Courtney and their kids :D it was so fun! :) I Was pretty much in the kitchen the whole time: making food, eating food and cleaning up! haha. :)
Well on Pinterest I found this recipe for Love Potion, so I made it and it was SUCH a hit! Everyone loved it! :D It was really easy too, a 2 liter bottle of pink lemonade, sprite, and raspberry sherbet! :D Then there was Mountain Dew and Pepsi :)
Chips and dip..
Carrots and ranch...
I made chocolate Fondue for the first time! :) I was going to use mine, but you have to use gelled fuel, and we didn't have that {We are getting it soon though. haha.}, so instead we borrowed Kathryn's fondue pot and we used ours to hold the fruit and pretzels! :D And now I have leftover chocolate fondue, and it doesn't harden, so we use it as hot fudge for ice cream and it is REALLY GOOD! :) all it is is a bag of chocolate chips {flavor of your choice} and a can of evaporated milk and you melt it in a pan and transfer it to the fondue pot! :) or you can just put it in a mason jar if you are just making hot fudge out of it! :) hhaha.
Then I also found some cupcake tips on Pinterest...
I made a brownie recipe and put a rolo in the center and baked it :) Then 5 minutes before they were done, I put marshmallows on the top instead of frosting, and then I topped it off with a rolo for fun! :D They were REALLY good!
*Tip for next time I make them, or if you make them... spray the cupcake things with PAM or other cooking spray before you pour the batter in. :)
Then we had a table full of goodies!! :D
And I used my cupcake holder! Notice it from anywhere else?? haha.
Ya and by the time I took this picture, a lot of cupcakes and other food was almost gone. haha. :)
But there was 7 layer dip {And I just read my sister-in-law's blog and she made seven layer dip without guacamole in it so six layer dip, and no one even noticed!! I'm gonna try that because I don't really like guacamole, even though I like it in 7 layer dip! haha.}, homeade mozarella sticks, fried pickles, apples and heath bar fruit dip {one of my faves that my mom makes :) We got the recipe from my aunt Liz :D}, teddy bear caramel crispy but soft things... SO good! :) cookie dough dip stuff, and hot wings! :) haha. Everything was DIVINE!
It was a super fun party and it was fun to spend it with friends and family! :) It's a tradition that we are starting now, so next year... COME TO OUR HOUSE for superbowl!! haha. :D
This year was kinda last minute, so we forgot to invite lots of people we wanted to invite, haha, but don't worry next year, we will be sure to invite all our friends and family! :D
Have a great Monday!
AND Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!! :D

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the hawker's said...

Yay for ditching guac! Haha! Looks like it was a success! Everything. Looks and sounds sooo yummy!

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