Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays, EVERYWHERE!! haha.

Does it seem like everyone's birthday's are in January and February?? haha. Well I guess it does to me because on my side of the family, 3 out of all of us have their birthdays in these months! :) It has been so fun celebrating all these birthdays!
My mom's {Her birthday is in the middle of the post you can click on! :)}
And now Tyler's {Sheena's Husband}! haha.
His was the 17th which was last Friday and we celebrated by going to Red Robin! :)
It was so much fun and so good!!!
Here are Tyler and Sheena with Tyler's Balloon ear things.. haha:
{Notice Tyler's sweater his mom called the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater! hahaha.}
Afterwards we went to Val's house {Tyler's cute mom!}!
It was fun... we just talked and played games and ate ice cream cake! :)
AND... I held the cutest little baby! I just wanted to steal him! hahaha.

{Aust and I when we went to Val's :)}
So Happy Late Birthday Post Tyler! haha.
Spending time with family is the best! Wouldn't you agree?? :)
Have a great day! And if your birthday is coming up, join this club! haha.
{Or you could join the May birthday club with me and my brother! hahaha. :) or even the September club with my other brother and my other sister.... Or june with my Father in Law and Sister in Law... haha. The list could go on! lol.}
P.S. I got a new follower today!! :D YAY!! Welcome to my blog... I hope you enjoy reading about my hubby and I's fun adventurous life! ha. :)

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