Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day! :)

Last week was Valentine's Day. We had a blast! :)
We had already seen The Vow on opening day, so we didn't join every other person who went and saw The Vow that day. ha.
We went to Winger's for Dinner and went to the mall, and just had a relaxing day! It was so fun!
This year for V-day I got Aust some sweet Basketball Shorts that have the O from Oregon Ducks on there and they are white and way cool, but I didn't take a picture! ha. And I also got him a Massive Kiss! :) haha
Not a kiss... a Hershey's kiss {although I did give him really big real kisses too! ha.}
I blurred out his face so you can pay attention to the massive Hershey's Kiss.. which he had already taken a bit out of.. dang it! haha.
And then he got me some workout shorts that also have the Oregon Ducks O on it...
{Don't pay attention to my face... just the gifts. ha. I hadn't gotten ready yet. ha.}
And he also got me the 5 Love Languages book.. which I told him I wanted like a few days before, so I didn't think he would get me it, but he did!! :)
He's full of surprises! haha. :)
Well... I hope your Valentine's Day was as great as ours! :)
Have a great day! :)
P.S. So when we were at Winger's then there is this Beer Sampler thing that comes out on a platter with tons of little glasses of different kinds of beer on it... Well, we saw it and we were like, "I wonder if they can do flavored lemonades instead of beer!!" So we asked and our waitress said sure {And she acted like no one had asked that before.. which they probably hadn't... but now they probably will add that to their menu... haha. I'm kidding... but seriously!}, but it would've been more expensive than a normal sized flavored lemonades, and there were no refills, so we just went with the normal flavored lemonades and just got refills with the different flavors. ha. :) It was really funny though! :)
P.S.S. I started a Amazon Wishlist that I am so excited about, so my hubby can suprise me without asking what I want!! WOOHOO!! :D
{I got the idea from HERE!}
Seriously!! You won't regret starting one! It is SO fun! :) And you can add the amazon button to your address bar and then from any website you are on, if you want something, you click the handy dandy amazon button and it adds it to your wishlist! :)
AWESOME! :D haha.

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