Monday, February 6, 2012

Recap of January Happenings! :)

Ok this is a little out of Order... haha. I forgot to upload these, so now I am.. haha. And you'll what it has to do with January later. :)
Look.. There's a MINI Jazz bear!! :D
January was full of fun! :)
We got back from our vacation, which the next few pictures show what I bought :)
{I got this coat for Christmas from Austy! :)}
{I got these shoes on the day of shopping in California... I couldn't resist. haha. The sales person told me how much they were and I was like, "Let me think about it." So he started taking the shoes and I was like, "Can I carry around the shoes for a little?" He said, "You want to see if they feel right?" and I said ya. ha. So I walked around the store for like 2 seconds and went back and told him I wanted to buy them. He was like, "They felt right didn't they?" I said oh ya! hahaha. :)}
{And I got these cute tights when we were at Universal Studios :) I have been wanting a pair like this FOREVER, and I finally got some! :)}
Well... the day we got back school started. We are taking online classes, but I have a class on campus Thursdays and Aust has classes on Fridays. :)
{Aust all ready for school :)}
Beautiful weather in January.. WHAT?? haha.
GORGEOUS sunsets!
TONS of laundry to fold. :(
Carl's Jr. opened in Idaho Falls, so we took a trip there. :)
Then we went shopping at Wal Mart and I saw these cute candles.. I want one.. don't you?? :)
Then we went to Famous Dave's after we watched We Bought a Zoo. :)
{I also got this jacket on my shopping day :)}
We had a HUGE windstorm and dirt was flying everywhere.. the freeway was closed for a few days, and a TON of dirt got in the house, so I spent the next day after it stopped, cleaning up dirt. ha.
On January 20th, it was my mom's birthday!! YAY!! :D
It was so fun! I made Pretzel Salad:
Sheena made the cupcakes, and I brought my cupcake stand for her to put her cup cakes in.. :)
My mom blowing out her candle... play by play :)
{Served with Ice Cream.. YUM}
Aust and I got her that red scarf and the black shirt sitting by it :)
Aust picked it out!! :)
Sheen got her this cute dress.
I want this candle! :)
January was filled with tons of games to watch my cheerleaders cheer.
(And also practice hard for competition in February)
{They got libs after 5 tries!! :)}
We got asked by Austin's mom if we wanted to go to a Jazz game one day, so we went! :)
{And we stopped in Riverdale for Microsoft Office because that was the closest place that had it. haha. And we got dinner there :)}
{This was the score when we left because we had to leave early cause I had class the next morning. But the Jazz lost :(}
{We bought these and they were YUMMY!! :D And there was a TON}
{There was frost on this spider web and it looked cool :)}
Waking up to the beautiful mornings! :)

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