Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupid's Cheer Challenge Competition Feb. 4th! :D

All month January, the girls worked so hard and it definitely paid off! :)
February 4th I woke up at 415 am and we have to leave at 515 am.
Hannah and Ali rode down with me.
We got to Highland High School at 7 and it was fun.
I was so nervous as a coach. ha. I didn't think that the coaches got nervous, but now that I am one, you are like even more nervous than the girls! lol. But I knew they would do good because they worked super hard and they performed really good the night before. :)
2 of the girls were ineligible, so we got 2 other girls, Braiden and Kesiah to help us, and they had to learn everything in a WEEK and did SO good! :D
{Back row: Chery, Raye, Hope, and Carlee; Middle Row: Skyla, Viviana, Hannah, and Braiden; Front Row: Ali, Kesiah, Marina, and Mikeayla; Coaches: Veronica and I. :)}
We got there and did their hair and makeup, and then they were able to practice :)
Then close to 9 they competed and they did really really good!
Then we just hang out and watched all the other team compete until 1 and then they did awards.
They combined 2A and 3A, so they started calling awards.
4th place: Marsh Valley.. {WOO, Veronica and I were SO happy!}
3rd place: Salmon.. {YAY!! We were even more excited, but they dropped a stunt so then we kinda thought that maybe they didn't place...}
2nd place: TERRETON (West Jeff)... {YAY!!!!! WE WERE SCREAMING we were SO happy!! and they called us Terreton instead of West Jeff for some reason. haha}
1st place: Snake River {My sister-in-law, Alex lives in Blackfoot, and her husband and all his siblings went to Snake River! :) BUT.... Snake River is 3A!}
Here are the girls when they got 2nd place! :)
Well you know how I said Snake River is 3A? Well West Jeff is 2A... so they got 1st place in their division, but since they combined them, they got 2nd. ha. And West Jeff beat a 3A school!!! I am so proud of them!! :D
Marina, in the following picture, is the foreign exchange student and she is so cute! We took this picture so we could send it to her family. :)
And these are the girls that helped us out since the normal two were ineligible. :)
Veronica and I decided to get them something cute, so we put together these:
It was such a great day, and afterwards, we ate at Applebees! :D
Well on the judges sheets, they all said, cute coreography, and cute dance! :)
I made up the routine so I was really excited to hear that! :D haha.
Well going this competition made them SUPER excited and into cheer.
West Jeff isn't really big out here, but now that they've gone to competition they want to work SUPER hard so they can get to state and win so they can show their school that Cheer is GREAT!! haha. :D It was fun to coach before, but now that they are rally into and want to work hard, it's even MORE FUN!!! :D
Districts are the 25th, so you'll hear about that one then :) And if you want to come watch, it's at Skyline High School in IF :)
Have a great day! :)

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