Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 5 & 6: Shopping, Rose Bowl, and Home! :)

January 2nd 2012 was DAY #5!! :)
It was fun!
It was a guys day and a girls day! :)
The guys went to the Rose Bowl and they were routing for the Oregon Ducks... who won!! :) {And might I add... we may or may not have ordered Oregon Ducks Workout shorts!}
{The Ducks had Chrome helmets and shoes... talk about SHNAZZY!! :D}
{Here's the blimp I told you about and showed you a picture of :)}
Well... While the boys were at the Rose Bowl, us girls went SHOPPING!!!
{This isn't all the girls, but this is the only picture that was taken on the trip... dang it! ha.}
K seriously... the mall we went to, when we got there I thought I died and went to heaven!! IT. WAS. HUGE!!! It was 3 stories and had every store imaginable!! Bloomingdale's, Nordstroms, Tiffany & Co, etc!! It was so great!! :) I got REALLY cute shoes, and some tops! :) You will see pictures in a later post {recapping what happened in January :)}!! :) haha.
Then we went back to our Hotel and got our last night of sleep in California....

Day #6 was January 3rd, and we were on our way home... we went to the airport and flew home. And we stopped off at the mall in Utah, and then we stopped at TACO BELL for lunch.. YUM YUM!! :D
Airplane shots of Long Beach:
It was SUCH a great vacay! I had so much fun! Especially because I got to spend it with Austin!! :) I automatically had a partner for every ride.. it was awesome!! haha. :) It was so fun talking about it before we were even married, and then waiting like 8ish months to go!! :D haha. Definitely worth the wait!
Once we got home, we got ready for school to start the next day {ps... after this semester I will be a sophomore!! :)}.
I hope you enjoyed reading about our vacation, and I want to hear about yours!! So if you went on one, comment and let me know! :)
Have a great day! :)

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