Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Frog, Leap Day... Same thing! haha.

I hope you guys all had a GREAT leap year/day! ha. Because I know Aust and I had seriously such a great day!!! :D
Well today I was at my sister's between my lecture and lab and I was asking her if she had a good Leap Frog Day and she just kind of looked at me and Tyler said, "Leap Year!" hahhahaha. I was like, "Oh my gosh.. Leap Day not Leap Frog!" hahahaha. I totally forgot what it was called for a second and when I was called out on it I was a tad bit embarrassed. hahaha. But it was really funny! :)
Have a great 1st day of March {today I was on my way home and looked at the clock and it was 3:01 and I was like it's 3:01 on 3/01!! hahhah. :) Oh man... sometimes I crack myself up and people probably think I'm crazy! haha.
Peace! :)
P.S. Today in my Foods class my partner and I made egg rolls and homeade sweet and sour sauce.. can you say HEAVENLY!!! Oh my goodness.. it was GREAT!! :) Aust said they are seriously the best egg rolls he has ever tried and they were yo!! :) They were SO SO SO good!! :D I was like, "We're goin in deep y'all!" hahha. I'm kidding.. I didn't say that, but I had to throw it in because I have been thinking of quotes from Just Go With It ALL day!! hahaha. :D

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