Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 4: Church, Huntington Beach, Hollywood! :D

Day #4 was SO fun!! :D It's was NEW YEARS!!!
This is the first picture we took in 2012!! :D
We went to Austin's cousins, Jason and Geri, ward.
We got to hear Jason teach Gospel Doctrine! :) ha.
Then we went to Bubba Gumps for Lunch! :)
It was SO good.. I want to watch Forrest Gump now because I don't really remember what happens. ha.
There were palm trees everywhere! :)
Then we went to Huntington Beach and it was so fun and AWESOME! :D
There was a beautiful sunset and everything!
{our rings}
{Hannah and I}
{Hailey and I}
{Austin and I.. awww... :)}
{Footprint in the sand}
{I always see the surfboards like this in movies, so it was cool to actually see them and to actually see people surf and be really good!! :)}
{In California for Christmas lights, they don't have pine trees like they do in Idaho, so this is how they put their Christmas lights up there! :) haha.}
Then we took a trip to Hollywood Blvd! :) It was cool to see, but it was like the homeless part of town!!! hahaha.
{Hailey with Chris Farley's star. ha..... "Fat guy in a little coat!"... my dad always quoted that movie! :)}
{Alec Baldwin... put your phone away on a plane... I know Words with Friends it awesome, but it can wait! hahahah. :)}
{Adam Sandler is one of our fav's! :)}
{They have the same size of feet.}
{The Twilight Saga!! Jacob, Bella, and Edward}
{Will Smith}
{cute little Shirley Temple}
{The Chinese theater all the footprint/handprint things were in front of.}
{Marilyn Monroe and I have the same size of hand. hahah.}
It was a GREAT DAY!! :D
When we were leaving Hollywood Blvd, this guy started following Hannah and I and we were freaking out, so we went up by Austin and when we would speed up, he would, and when we would slow down, he would! Talk about CREEPY!!!! So he watches us get in the car, and then he started searching for someone else to follow, and he was decked in Black and looked creepy! hahaha.
Other than that though, it was a blast! :)
We all loved the beach and Bubba Gumps, and the WHOLE day!! :D
Then we went to the hotel like the usj (slang for usual. haha).
Next time you will hear about Day #5 and 6!!! :D And then our vacay post will end :( haha.
So have a great night!! :D

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