Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well... I bought a new leotard for gymnastics, and I am so excited to wear it!!!

(This is it... it is pink and shiny as you can see... and I LOVE IT!! :))

Well yesterday was the stake dance and it was pretty fun. I got a Tiger's Blood Frazil!! It was SO good. Then I watched Get Smart when I left the dance. ha. I forgot how funny that show was. ha. :)

So today has been kinda crazy.. so the day started with driving to cheer practice. I was driving down the road and it was VERY windy... well this semi passes me and I thought I was going to run off the road cause all of a sudden after he passed, a gust of wind came... haha.
Well... I get to cheer and we conditioned which was pretty fun. Then I left for NPH practice and in the skit we are doing, I have to be a dummy because the skit is called "Don't be a Dummy" and I have to hold a beer bottle up pretending to drink it.... and while I was doing that, one of the posers was dragging a dummy and he elbowed my arm and it made the bottle smack my tooth and I thought my tooth fell out. It was crazy.. It was kind of funny though because everyone was telling me to quit smiling and I was trying to & I finally did for like 5 seconds and then that happened and I couldn't stop laughing/making tears come out of my eyes. haha.
So practice was over and I went back to cheer and we started stunting and then we were getting ready to go and get ready when all of a sudden out of no where people started telling Aric (my cheer coach) what they thought about what he was doing, and this girl started telling him that he doesn't listen to us and how he doesn't respect us, and other things that he does that is disrespectful to us, and he was like, "I listen to you so shut up." and she was like, "See you aren't listening to us.. and you don't respect us." and he was like, "K... find a cheer coach, I quit." So ya.. our cheer coach quit today. I am kind of sad because he made us work and get things done and now I don't know what we are going to do... but I guess this lady is already wanting to be our cheer coach and so hopefully things work out. ha.

Well Hailey came over after school and we painted pumpkins.. it was SUPER fun.

(Hailey and I with our pumpkins)

(My pumpkin.. i tried to make big Zebra Stripes, but it kinda doesn't look like it. ha.)

(Hailey's pumpkin. It is a cute one huh?)
Then we made Pumpkin Rolls. SOOOOO good.

Have a great night. :)

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Craig and Aly said...

That pumpkin roll looks so good! Now I am craving one, I think I might have to attempt to make one! Aubree you are so dang cute! I love looking at your blog!

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