Friday, October 23, 2009

WE WON!!!!

Well first off before I talk about the game here is a funny story!... So we were in seminary and we played this game where you look up the scripture and once you have it you pass the ball back. Well once the ball is at the back or front, depending on which way you are going, then you throw the ball and try to make it in the garbage can. So my row was never able to look up the verses fast enough so we lost.. and row 4 won so Camilla was able to put on the lovely goggles that are in the picture, and she had to choose which basket she was gonna pick... according to all the class.. well she chose the left, and our seminary teacher was showing us what it is like to have a person on each shoulder. ha. It was fun.

(Camilla with the lovely goggles on. ha)

So Yesterday was the football team's last game and guess what... WE WON!! It was awesome. I was so excited.. and VERY proud of the boys. We played against Bonneville (They aren't the nicest people..) and it was pretty intense! The ending score was 15 to 12... so it wasn't by too much that we beat them... but we still beat them, and it was AWESOME!! :)

(Me going to get on the bus)

(Me and Kallie ready for the last game)

(GO RIGBY!!!!)


(Morgan and me after the game!)

(Kallie and me on the bus ride home!)
Well this coming week is Red Ribbon Week for the high school...
But for the elementary schools... some of them had theirs this week. So I am on NPH and we go to all the elementaries during Red Ribbon Week and some of the cheerleaders come with us.. and the band comes with us. Well yesterday we went to Midway Elementary, and I just invited my stunt group to come with us.. and it was fun. It's funny how much little kids love cheerleaders. ha.
Today we went to Roberts Elementary, which is the school my little brother goes to so it was fun.. well we did our skits and we stunted and danced and in a skit I am Little Bo Peep and it is fun. Well... Roberts ESPECIALLY loved the cheerleaders!

(Anngela and me going to Roberts)

This kids name is Anthony.. he came up to us and gave us all hugs and asked for all us cheerleaders signatures... so I went and got a piece of paper and pen and we all signed the paper and gave it to him. And we got pictures with him...

Then he was like, "Don't ever forget me... my name is Anthony." And he gave me a dime.
It was the cutest thing... and then when the kids were going home they all hugged us cheerleaders. Then this kid walked by and was like, "Remember that you're hott, and you are, and you are, and you are!" hahahaha. It was the funniest thing. Then my brother came up and gave me a hug and we were talking and all the kids were like, "Is that your sister Rusten??" haha. It made me laugh.

(The back of the bus. ha.)
Then we enjoyed our half-hour bus ride back to the school! It was such a fun day.
Tonight I am going to my sister Sheena's house and staying the night because I am taking my ACT tomorrow. I am pretty nervous! ha.
Have a GREAT weekend! :)

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