Saturday, October 17, 2009

little kids..

Lately I have done a lot of things that do with little kids.

In seminary we made little children books. They were so fun to make and it made those verses out of the Book of Mormon SO much more understandable. ha.

Then today I babysat. It was fun... I was tired though because I haven't had a lot of sleep lately and last night I went to a West Jeff Football game to watch Hailey and Hannah cheer and they did such a good job. Then we went to their house and we stunted.. and we had the AMAZING hot chocolate that Kathryn makes. It is the best homeade hot Chocee!! ha. Well we lost track of time so I got home late and didn't get too much sleep... so I fell asleep for a few minutes when I Was watching a show with the kids today. I felt SO bad.

So now I am going to take a nap tonight and then get to bed so I can wake up early to leave my house at 8:30 a.m. for a farewell. It's going to be fun.

Have a great night.. day.. week. ha. :)


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