Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today was a good day... and to prepare... I watched The Proposal last night. I love that movie.. it is SO funny. Especially the woods part. ha.

So I stayed the night at my sister Sheena's house and I woke up this morning to Tyler's lovely alarm... "Good Morning... bum bum bum... ba ba ba bam bam bam ba ba ba bam good morning.." It is a hilarious alarm. Well.. Sheena made me delicious waffles. Then I went to take my ACT...

I was scared.. and I studied for it so I hope I did good. I got it and the time went by WAY faster then I thought it would, and when the science section came... I was so sick of reading so I kind of just breifly went over then graphs and stories and just filled in answers. Well, my brother took it too and he was telling me afterwards that he was doing fine until they told us we had to write a statement thing in cursive and he said he started sweating.. haha. because apparently he can't write in cursive.. it was funny. haha. Now I am just waiting for the results to come in 3-8 weeks. I hope I did good. :)
Tonight I am going shopping to add some fun to my day! haha. :)
Have a good day.

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