Sunday, October 25, 2009

bam bam bam... good morning... DANCE. & Shopping.

Yesterday I went shopping.

I picked up Hannah and we went to the mall... we tried on every kind of perfume possible. I bought some perfume and a red shirt! :) Then we went to Scholotsky's and shared a yummy sandwich. And I got a gift card to Coldstone.. so we went there.

It was SO good. we got the founder's favorite with Peanut Butter Cups!!! Definitely something you should try!! :)

(A picture of our reflection! haha.)
Thanks for going shopping with me Hannah. You are so fun. We need to do it again. :)
Then I got home and me & sheena decided to make a dance up to that ringtone I was talking about yesterday in my blog. We went to the "halloween costumes" box for our outfits... and then we made up the dance. It was SO fun. We felt like being retarded and embarrassing ourselves. It was very fun to do. I had a blast.

(Mine and Sheena's LOVELY outfits.)

(Rusten wanted to dress up to! ha.)

(YA YA YA!! ha.)
& then here is the dance we made up. haha. We had fun doing it.

Thanks for having fun with me Sheen and dancing with me. It was SUPER fun!! :) Love Ya Sheen.
Hope you are enjoying my blog.. I will try to make it more exciting if you aren't enjoying it. ha.


Craig and Aly said...

Aubree! You guys are so cute! It looks like you had so much fun, it made me want to put on a costume and join you! I am so happy you have a blog! I will be back!

Angie Robison said...

What a day!!! I need to start hanging out with you guys my life is a little boring. Very cute costumes!!

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