Sunday, October 11, 2009

homecoming, spuds, and more.

Well... I am sorry it has been so long. I have been very busy. Well, 3 weeks ago was homecoming week. It was very fun. Monday was Mud Volleyball and I didn't want to get muddy at first.. but then people were getting me muddy anyway, so I decided to have some fun. Tuesday was Movie night and we watched Forever Strong! It is the best movie. I have seen it so many times and love it more every time I watch it. Well.. I didn't really even watch it at movie night though because.. have you ever tried watching a movie with your whole school?? It's pretty hard, but it was fun. Well Wednesday was Powderpuff.. I wanted to play, but we were feeding the missionaries that night, and I wanted to feed the missionaries. It was fun. They rode our lawn mower, chased our dog around, shot eachother with Rusten's machine gun NERF gun, moved pipe for Doug, and played soccer with my little brother. It was fun. Thursday was the bonfire, but I went to state Jr. Miss and It was very good. Friday was our homecoming game! It was a fun game, and I got to ride a SEGWAY!!!! So here is the story:

Well they got Segways for all the homecoming royalty, and so before the game student council was riding them around and so was our vice prinicpal. Well I go up to Mrs. Thurber, and I was asking her if I could take the Segway for a spin. She said no.. but after a while she finally said yes!! It was the highlight of my night!!! I LOVE SEGWAYS!!!

Saturday was the homecoming dance, and for our day date we went paintballing. It was SUPER fun... but I got lots of bruises (Black and Blue). It hurt, but I had a blast. Well then I went to my sister's house to get ready and when I got out of the shower I realized I should've brought my own blow dryer because hers only worked on LOW!!! It was crazy. Well then I went to the dance and it was on the football field so I wore a short dress with shiny silver converse.

Then 2 weeks ago then we got Thursday and Friday off for fall break so we had a Little Girls Cheer Clinic.. It was so fun.. except the little girls basically beat you up. haha.

Well last Saturday I started working in spud harvest for the Egberts. It was so fun. Then Monday we didn't work because it was SNOWING.. so we stunted with Hailey and Hannah Egbert. It was so much fun stunting with people from a different school. Well tuesday we didn't work either and so ran to this place and got a belt for Kirk, and then Kirk was showing Hailey, Dani, and me what the new tractors look like... It made me want to buy one. haha. Then Hailey and I went shopping.. It was really fun. Hailey got a new WAY cute outfit.
Then Wednesday through yesterday I worked in the spuds. It was fun. Me and Hannah played basketball with the potatoes and tried to shoot the potatoes in the garbage can and the first time I tried with my left hand I MADE IT!!!! It was the coolest thing!! I love potato harvest. It was so fun... I am looking forward to next year.

So that is what I have been up to lately.. I will put pictures of these events on here soon. like later on today soon.


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