Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aloha! ha. Well.. I forgot to mention one thing in my last post.. 3 weekends ago I went to Utah for my Family Hawaiian Christmas Party. It was super fun. I bet you are asking yourself.. now why is she already going to Christmas parties? Well here is the answer to your question. Every year on my mom's side.. one of her siblings is in Charge, well this year her brother Ren was in charge and he wanted a hawaiian Christmas party and he wanted it to be is September so it could be in his backyard. It was VERY fun.

(Me and JoDeeann)

(Hailey, my friend, came with me.)

(We learned dances)

(We wore Hawaiian attire)

(It was my little brother's b day and we celerated it. look at the cute candles.)

(Kelsy and I at MUD VOLLEYBALL)

(Hailey and me on kid day of homecoming week)

(Me on movie night)

(Hailey and me on cowboy/indian day going to lunch)

(Me and Kallie at the homecoming game.)

(Hailey, Mrs. Thurber, and I)

(Me on the SEGWAY!! WOOHOO.)

(Me and Nate going to the homecoming dance)

(See my shoes? ha. :) )

(I made cupcakes... but the caramel went kinda hard)


(Dani, Me, and Hailey going to stunt)

(Cute little Hannah and I going to stunt)

(Funny story... so we were all looking through Ashley's wedding book, and I saw this picture and was like, "Oh my gosh... look at Austin's face... what is he doing!?" And everyone was like holy cow.. you are the only one that has noticed that.. and then we laughed for like an hour! haha.)

(SPUD HARVEST!!! WOOHOO.. Hannah, Dani, Sara, and Me!)


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