Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crafty Crafty! :D

SO...... Do you like this necklace??? :D
I made it for my mom for Christmas, because she really wanted one and I couldn't find one, so I made it, and it actually turned out really cute! :D
I need to make jewelry more often! haha.
Here's how you make it....
Any size of beads you want (and any color)
Jewelry wire (I ran out towards the end and used like floral wire ish stuff)
A chain that you can make as long as you want (Or if you want to be super crafty, you can make your own chain! :D)
Jewelry clipper things with the round ends so you can spin the wire.
And the clamp things that do your necklace up! :)

1. You decide how far up you want the beads to go.
2. Cut the wire and attach it to the necklace, then slide the bead on the necklace and then twist the ends to make cute little swirleys.
3. Do it until you have it the thickness you want it (And you will want to have different sizes of beads to make it really cute! :D
4. you put the clips/clamps things on.
AND WAHLA!! :D haha.

It only takes a few hours to do too, so it's totally worth it!! :D

P.S. In my Christmas day post, you'll see my mom wearing it! :D haha. I will do that post soon! haha. :)

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