Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Aust!

Who is the worst blogger of them all?? ME! haha.

Sorry. I feel so bad... I've only been blogging like 1 1/2 times a month. haha. I am going to try to be better... but these next few days I have nothing going on but school... so I'll be catching you up on what's been going on! :)

Life is GREAT!! And we had such a good holiday season!! :)

December 11th was Austin's birthday.

We wanted Sheena to be able to come to the party, so we had a fun party on Friday, December 9th and we went bowling....

And to Buffalo Wild Wings! :) And while we were there I got Austin's stocking stuffers (aka... BWW sauces! :D)

He was SPOILED!!

Thanks to everyone who made his birthday great! :)

His parents got him a NFR belt buckle.

Alex got him this funny card!! haha. It sings Happy Birthday all cool, and the guitar shakes haha.

Tyler and Sheena got him a shirt.

His Parents also got him a hat.

And his favorite Beef Jerky!

Then my mom and Rusten got him a Famous Dave's gift card.

We are excited to use that puppy!! :)

(Left side: Hannah, Austin, Tyler, Sheena, Kathryn, and Kirk.

Right side: Me, my mom, Alex, and Blake.)

Saturday I took a trip to my mom's to suprise Austin by making him a JOHN DEERE CAKE!! Since John Deere is his favorite! :)

It was milk chocolate cake and I cut it into a tractor shape :)

And we used mint flavored icing! :) YUM!

Almost done......

And WAHLA!!! :D

As I was leaving, my step-brother's friend came in and was like, "Man it's like a chevy dealership out there." hahaha. There were like 7 chevys in the driveway. haha. And Justin, Jaden, Doug, and My truck were all white, so they all kinda looked alike!! lol. It was pretty funny :)

And I left the cake at my mom's so Aust would be very suprised! :)

Sunday (his birthday) I let him open his presents when he woke up! :)

A drill and drill end things. hahah. :) He loves it... and I might be using it to make my entry way table! :D haha. That is a summer project I have planned to make after this semester is over! :)

After Church, both our families came over and we had cake and ice cream!!

HE LOVED the cake!

(Austin drizzled caramel all over his cake and ice cream! :) Blue Bunny, Homeade Vanilla!! :D)

(Elmer, Kathryn, Merlene, and Kirk)

(Austin, Me, My mom, and Hannah.)

(And Rusten was playing the Xbox the whole time! hahaha)

I'm glad he had a great birthday and I can't believe he's 22!!! :D haha.

Have a great day, and hopefully you hear from me tomorrow! :)


P.S. Cake always turns into cake fights for Austin and I... I threw powdered sugar on Austin a few days later, and he took the left over cake and shoved it in my face and gave me a mustache! hahaha. But I didn't get any pictures.. dang it! haha.

We'll see what's in store with the next birthday cake :) hahaha.

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