Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Christmas Day as a married couple!

Christmas was so fun this year! :) we did a ton of things, but for now I'm just posting about Christmas day! :) We had a Christmas Eve party, but I didn't take pictures.. Dang it! But it was with my family and my step family! It was a blast! :D And we opened gifts with Austin's family because it was his year this Christmas, but I forgot to take pictures :(
Ok... So Christmas was on Sunday this year and it was so fun! We woke up early (Aust and I) and we just had Christmas Morning by ourselves.... It was So much fun! I love being married!
Guess what we got for Christmas from SANTA!!!!!!!!!
The Canon Rebel t3i... the screen moves and it takes sweet pictures and videos... and when you take videos, you can take pictures during the video!! AWESOME! haha. I seriously love it... I love it so much I took 350 pictures on Christmas Day alone!! hahahaha. So I'm just gonna share a few pictures with you! :) I pretty much took a picture every second. ha.

We also got THIS!!!!
I love it! It makes our home complete!
Aust got a sweater, which he loves! :)
And I gave him this....
It's "100 words to say why I love you!"
we went to The Egbert's house for breakfast, and it was so fun to spend time with my new family, and that they were all there!! Then we went to church and it was great to have such a strong spirit there! I love Christmastime, and listening to Christmas music.
After church, we were able to Skype with my brother who is on his mission in Brazil!
So we went to my mom's house!
Everyone was there except my sister JoDeeann, she had to work :(
And we waited until he called (well skyped), so here is all of us waiting!
(Oh.... if you're wondering who this is, this is Andy's cute girlfriend! She was over to skype with him too! :D)
(Grandma Field)
And HERE HE IS!!! YAY!!!! It was so fun skyping!!! We all loved it! As you can see from the following pictures... he only got like an hour to talk to us, but it was so fun!!
After he had to go, we went to open gifts, but before we went down, I took this cute picture of Baby Jesus and the Angel.... Rusten Made this nativity scene :)
And my Grandma Furrows and my cousin's FIANCE came over too to skype with Andrewinski! :)
Now here are some randoms while we were all just talking before we went downstairs. :) I was testing the camera out in some of these pictures... so if you see motion pictures.. that's why! :D
When we walked downstairs, this is what we found...
Rusten got an xbox 360 with kinect for Christmas... and he was GLUED to it.. haha.
The following picture is Sheena and Tyler's Christmas card next year.... hahahahaha. Just kidding :)
(Rusten got this cute air hockey table!)
Everyone had such a fun time watching everyone...
Even Doug was there... with his toilet seat! hahahahahhaaha. :)
This is a Calendar my mom got from Sheena and Tyler... this picture is upside down so you can see the calendar:
Every year.. I get all the boys church socks for their Christmas gifts, and I do different things with them every year (for example, one year I made those Christmas PJ/Underwear things out of the socks :D)... Well this year, I decided to add candy in there and they were so excited!
The necklace I posted abou that I made for my mom, once she started opening her gift, she knew what it was, and I took play by play pictas!! :D
Well everyone got me such great gifts, but since I'm not posting every picture, I'm just gonna share with you what my mom got me :)
She always wraps gifts SO cute! :)
I got a wheat grinder!!!
Well we had some din din and it was great!
Peanut Butter Cheeseball
Homeade Cheeseball
I LOVE this quote about Christmas:
and this is what I got my mom last Christmas:
And here are some other decorations.
After the dinner we ended our night by going back to Austin's family's house! :) And we just relaxed and listened to music and talked.
Then we went home and got a good night's rest because we needed it for our upcoming events that happened for Christmas..... Ya... you'll find out about it in the next post! :)
Have a great night! :D
P.S. Sorry this is such a late post... like a MONTH!! haha. But I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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