Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2: Universal Studios and LA. :)

December 30, 2011 was our second day of vacay! :)
{There are a ton of pictures in this post!}
We had to stop in LA to get tickets for the boys event they went to on the last day of vacation.
And we stopped by the Staples Center :)
{Kirk and Kathryn}
Well , while we were there, this guy asked if we wanted to get tickets to the opening night of the LA Clippers. We talked the guy down and got tickets... :)
We were excited, even though they weren't that great of seats {second row from the very top to be exact. haha. But it was SO fun!}
Well then we were off to Universal Studios! :)
As we were on our way we saw the Hollywood sign and we tried to get pictures while we were driving... we didn't have much luck.... for example, look at the following picture and it will explain most of our pictures...
But then, I was just snapping like crazy and I got A PICTURE!! WOOHOO! :D
Alex, Hannah, and I were the ones trying to get pictures, and once I got the pictures I was freaking out!! WOOHOO.... it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! :D
And we finally arrived!
{I L.O.V.E palm trees! Aren't they so pretty?? :)}
{Check out Frankestien's shoes... they were like 10" platforms!}
Then we saw whoo land.
{Curious George}
{Jaws is eating them!! AHH!! ha.}
Well then Universal Studios had a sign of the Hollywood sign, but I liked my real picture better! :D
Then we went on a tour of Universal Studios!
This is in Bruce almighty... it is a B-E-A-Utiful day! ha. :) And also... these buiding only have the front of it, they aren't real buildings! And they're made out of like styrafoam!! :)
Then they showed us that when it rains in movies, it comes from the telephone poles, and they showed us how they make floods :)
Then we passed whoo ville
And we also saw in the tour another flood, and I thought it was going to get in the bus and so I jumped on to the lady next to me and then realized and felt embarrassed. hahaha.
We also saw the Desperate Housewives set and they were shooting as we went through, but they were inside the houses. ha. And those houses are all right next to each other, but in the show they make it look so far away. ha. And then those houses... you could live in them, they have everything BUT a bathroom. haha.
{The Simpson's}
Then we went to Waterworld.
{This guy was spraying people as they walked by and it was SO SO SO funny because the people couldn't figure out how they were getting wet. haha.}
Then the Waterworld show started.
{The girl on the boat is a stunt person on Twilight! :D}
{A guy in the show hit a golf ball and Austin caught it! :D}
Then we went to the animal show and they showed how they filmed animals when they're moving. They put them in front of a green screen and a fan is blowing so they fly and stay in front of the green screen. and they use a lot of food for them to do stuff.
{This is Marley from Marley & Me!! :D}
It was SO fun!! :D
Then we explored the rest of the place. and the shopping there.
{This Marilyn Monroe was made out of Jelly Belly's!!}
Then it was back to the Staples Center for the Clippers game!!! :D
{See... we were pretty far up. And it was so steep up there, I felt like if I were to fall I would just fall straight to the bottom!! hahahaha.}
I was so exhausted though that I fell asleep in the 4th quarter... hahaha. Ya.. I don't know how because it was SO loud! hahah. But then we went back to our hotel and went to bed.
It was such a fun filled day!! I loved it!
Stay tuned for day #3! :D
Have a great day!

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