Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Party + 1st day of vaca!! :D

So the day after Christmas was the Egbert Family Christmas Party, and it was at Grandma Merlene's.... She is the sweetest lady!
I love that I have her as a Grandma now!
If you know her and you haven't gone to her house at Christmastime.. GO!!! She decks it out! And she has like A MILLION nativity scenes!! I love it! :D
Well the party was a blast... I made a peanut butter cheeseball for it, and I also made oreo balls/truffles {Both of which were found off pinterest!} haha. They were both a hit! :D
And everyone else brought different desserts and dinner too and it was SO good! :) It was fun to talk to everyone and just relax. :)
Everyone came but Austin's aunt Mitzi {who I still haven't met yet}, but when her and her family are able to come visit, I am so excited to finally meet her! :D
Here is a picture from the party {PS... it was when the party was like over, so we look kinda exhausted! haha.}
Then on the 28th of December we were off to Utah! We drove to Blackfoot, and then rode down with Alex and Blake.
We stayed the night in Utah and woke up SUPER early to get to the airport!
We flew from Salt Lake to Long Beach for our vacay in CALIFORNIA!! :D
{That was what we did for our Christmas with the Egbert's this year :D}
This Blimp thing was at the airport and it is the same one that Austin saw on the last day of our trip which you'll find out about in a later post! :D
It was WARM! :D And the airport was shaped like a boat kind of! :D
So the first day we got there {The 29th of Dec.} consisted of flying, getting a rental car, trying to shove our luggage in the rental cars, getting to the hotel, eating, and going to Knott's Berry Farm!! :D The rides were super fun, except for the fact that we had to wait in each line for like 3 hours, so we only got to go on 3 rides. ha. And we decided the next time we go there we are getting fast passes because they are only $30 more AND you get to go to the front of the line!! BOOYA!! hahaha. :D But it was super fun, and the rides were HUGE!! :D
Then it was off to In-N-Out to eat Din Din, and then to the Hotel to get a good night's rest for a fun filled day the 2nd day of our vacation which will be the next post! :D
Have a great night! :)

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