Thursday, January 20, 2011


So something really funny happened to me like 2 days ago.... Caroline, my brother's old girlfriend, comes up to me at school and says, "Oh my gosh. You have to come look at this. Someone is laying down over here!" I was so confused so I walked over with her and she was like see! So I look and there's someone laying on a bed in one of the classrooms. As I went to look at who it was, Caroline went RAWR! I seriously jumped SO high! I got so scared. lol. Then I looked and it was a dummy. I guess it was the CNA room. lol. It was really funny though. I felt stupid cause everyone was laughing at me. haha.
That night I went to the game because I heard my old cheer coach was gonna be there. I saw some friends...
(Braxton, my favorite boy sophomore, and I!)

Then at half-time, Aric's arobics team performed! It was SO cool. Here are some pictures!! :D

Isn't this SO cool!!! :D I wanted to join that team right then!!! haha.
Then I saw ARIC!!!!

Yes this is my old cheer coach, Aric! He is awesome!!

I miss him as a coach!! He worked us so hard, but we were way in shape and WAY good! :D
I talked to him until 10 that night!! haha. :)

Yesterday I was walking out of Broulim's and saw this sweet pop display!!! haha. Isn't it AWESOME!! :D

(Do you know what it says??)

Then I made these headbands!!

And it was so bright I had to take out my shades and use them!!! WOOHOO!! lol. :)

This morning I had gymnastics.... When I was younger I did the bars...

Well today I got on the bars just for fun, and guess what!!!! I flipped around on it! I was suprised I still knew how to!! haha. :) But oh man was it fun!!

I've been making a cage in Student Council for our skit at the Pep Assembly, and I finally finished it!! What do you think?? :D

(Ashlie and I got put behind the jail doors. haha. jk)

But Oh man... Today was such a blast!! I loved it. I had so much fun in EVERY class!! :) We played Sparkle in Seminary and I got 2nd place!! WOOT WOOT! :D
Today is my mom's birthday!! She is the cutest mom! She is so nice and fun! I love her and I love how she always asks me for Facebook help. hahahaha. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :D
This cute little Indian family just came over to wish my mom a happy birthday and I walked in and the 5 or 6 year old, Sonja, says in her cute little accent, "You look so beautiful Aubree!" haha. It was so cute! :D
Have a wonderful day!!

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Rozalynn and Mitch said...

aubs you are to funny.. I still need you to teach me how to make those headbands!!

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