Saturday, January 15, 2011

Relief Society

My mom is the Relief Society President and today they had a little luncheon breakfast thing. :) she asked me to come help her set up and I could eat too, so I accepted. haha. Well when I got there then we set up and then she said, "Oh Aubree could you and Apryl sing this song for me?" Of course she wanted me to sing... Helping her set up was just a cover up so she could get me there and then I couldn't back out of it. haha. Well I didn't mind singing so I told her I would. It was fun.
Isn't this cute!? Instead of LifeSavers... SoulSavers! I thought it was very clever. Apryl made these, she is one of my mom's counselors, and she is so fun! :)

We had yummy mufins and fruit.. we also had egg caserole things which were delicious!! :) It was a really fun luncheon to go to. This lady in my ward brought her sister, who's name is also Aubree, so I was VERY confused every time someone said Aubree. ha. I didn't know whether they were talking to me or her. haha.

My family was in charge of cleaning the church this week and the paper towels needed new ones so I got to open it!
I know that sounds lame, but I felt SO cool.
I've never opened one before and so to be able to open it and load a new roll of paper towels in there was SO awesome! ha.
I know I'm a nerd and I get entertained VERY easily. haha. But it makes life more fun!! :D
Have a great Saturday!! :D

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