Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Occurance....

K so I have a problem that occurs DAILY!!!!
I can't wake up early enough to eat breakfast... therefore I have to take it on the go!
Well since it's WINTER I like to pay attention to the roads rather than my food on my way to cheer practice, then once I get to cheer practice, I'm busy practicing.
Right when I think I can eat my breakfast I have to go get ready for the day so I tell myself I will be done early... but that never happens. haha.
I run into 2nd hour late and I'm a teacher aide so I'm always busy doing work for the teacher (correcting papers, fixing powerpoints, etc.).
Well I got this brilliant plan today to ask to go to the bathroom...
I took my purse with me (which had my breakfast in it), and I just stood in the bathroom eating my breakfast... I didn't want to touch anything though cause I was eating, and I was glad there was no one in there or I would've been grossed out. haha.
I felt like a spy though.. I stood by the paper towels and when I would hear someone coming I would spin to the other wall! It was pretty fun! hahaha. :)

(My Yogurt and I... YUM!! :D haha.)

Well I realized I needed to hurry because my teacher thought I was going to the bathroom, but little did he know... that was just an excuse to eat my breakfast for the day! :) haha. Next time though, I'm gonna find a place that doesn't gross me out as much.... Maybe the teacher's lounge?
Nah... I'd probably get caught... I guess I'll have to have an open mind to think about where I should start eating my breakfast!! haha. :D

All. Gone. YUMMY! :)
Have a great Tuesday!! :D


the hawker's said...

Hahaha This is really funny! Go you! I used to always have that problem!

Hannah said...

I thought you were going to say that you went back to be a teacher aid and then really had to go to the bathroom so you had to wait an hour to go!! haha :)

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