Saturday, January 15, 2011

More pictures....

So we went to Utah for our Field family christmas party and when we got there, JoDee came and met us at my Aunt Nancy's house. Jo and I were listening to music and we look over and we see Rusten dead asleep... as shown above. He looked pretty uncomfortable. haha. Then JoDee and I played the whole time at the family party and we sang in the talent show and then we decided since we were spending all day together we mind as well take a picture! :D

Herff Jones came to our school and I ordered my cap and gown and I got this tassle. I'm sporting it in my car!! It has the bling "11" I love it!!! :)

Rusten came up to me and his tie was SUPER short, so I retied his tie and the above picture is what it looked like after I got done! How does it look?? :)

This is what I make about EVERY sunday. ha. It's cinnamon nuts for our salad. They are OH SO GOOD in salads!! Definitely try it sometime if you ever see me with these. lol.

Our dog wouldn't stop freaking out so we finally went to see what he was freaking out over and this HUGE owl was on our roof. It seriously was MONSTROUS!!! The picture doesn't do justice! hahaha.

With Christmas time comes Mistletoe.... This was our mistletoe in our house. :) I didn't use it though. haha.

For Student Council we had a Christmas Tree and we had to bring white ornaments. I didn't have one, so this is the ornament I made!! hahaha. I was pretty impressed with my first ornament. haha.

So like I said a few posts ago, we had Rigby's got Talent. My friend, Jentry, and I were in charge of the poster. We started painting it and we found GOLD SPARKLES!!! So we threw them on the Talent on the poster... can you tell?? :D

When Hannah and I went to Orange Leaf, this is the frozen yogurt I got. It was pistachio and vanilla. It was really good, but I got WAY too much! haha.

So the next night, my mom, Rusten, and I went to Orange Leaf and I got WAY less fro yo! haha. It was like the perfect amount!! :) I got Cheesecake and Strawberry so it tasted like Strawberry Cheesecake! It was seriously SO delicious! I am definitely letting Austin know about Orange Leaf when he gets home this month. In "Days!" :D

This was Rusten's frozen yogurt! It looked gross, but I took a picture because the yellow ball things on top are so interesting. They are like bursts of flavor in your mouth when they pop!! haha. I've never tried anything like them! haha.

So the staple story I told you about when I stapled my thumb... This is what I was doing. Decorating the Cheer Bulliten thing! :D haha.

I've always wanted a beach cruiser bike, and the other day I saw this and I fell in love!!!! I want it SO bad! It's a dark purpleish color and it's super cute!! I LOVE IT!! I want it really bad. ha. Mom.... Maybe a graduation present? Just a suggestion! hahaha. Just kidding. :)

Ok... I LOVE cereal. haha. Well most of the time. And I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Well as I was eating my after school snack one day I came across this piece. Crazy huh? haha.

In seminary on Thursday, I gave the devotional. I did it on forgiveness to go along with D & C 64: 9-11 and I couldn't decide which treat would be forgiving so I decided to go with brownies. Well when I got to seminary then Brother Williams asked me if I posioned them and then I could tell the students that I did and I hope they would forgive me. hahha. I was laughing and I was like, "Well I don't think they would be very forgiving if that happened." haha. It was really funny. Kind of a "You had to be there" moment. haha. :)
Have a great day!! :)

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