Monday, January 17, 2011


Who knew they could be SO entertaining. :)

So this morning my mom was studying for her last test to get her license to sell insurance (There's like 4 or something. ha)... She told me, "I know I have said every one of these tests has been hard, but this one is the HARDEST! I don't even understand what I'm reading!" hahaha. So she decided to read me some of her studying and see if I understood any of it...

Her reading it..

Oh man... She's starting to get into it.

And then her saying, "DO YOU SERIOUSLY GET ANY OF IT??"

Of course I did, it was easy peasy stuff..... NOT!! hahaha. I didn't understand anything she said. She was talking about some OCC and other things that I don't know what any of it meant. haha. It was funny watching her. She cracks me up. I love my mom, she is THE BEST!!!! :D

So you know how they say that if you have a sore throat to drink lemon juice?? Well I have a sore throat so I decided to try it out...

I drank some of this and guess what!! I almost puked! haha. It was SO gross.... next time I'm thinking maybe real lemons will taste better. ha, but it actually did help my sore throat! :D YAY!! You can learn so many things from cheer! I've learned that lemon juice cures sore throats, kicking the bottom of someone's feet stops bloody noses, etc... :) haha.

Ok... if you haven't seen the above show... GO SEE IT!!!! I loved it and so did my mom and little brother!
It is the cutest little show and it's hilarious!!
What made it even funnier was there was a little kid in the theater and when Mr. Gru would say like goodnight and things like that, the little kid would yell out goodnight. :) And then the whole audience woudl start laughing because it was so cute!! :D
My monday was AWESOME!! I've loved every second of it!!!!
Oh.. and I went to this Beauty Supply store called EdWise and I saw this nail polish called, O P I... and it was a glittery kind and I fell in LOVE!!!! AHHH... I seriously want some so bad!! Mom.. easter is coming up!! :) (hint, hint) hahaha. Just kidding.. but yes, if you haven't tried OPI nail polish try it! You'll love it... and if you have, get the GLITERY kind!!! So worth it! :D
Have a great night!!


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

aubs you are just the cutest.. when does your missionary get home! soon right? miss you and hope you're doing great..

Aubree said...

Thanks Roz!! :D Yes he gets home way soon!! THIS MONTH!! :D I'm so stinkin excited!!! AHH!!! I miss you too!! :)

Angie Robison said...

Aubrey love your blog, you make me laugh and it makes my whole day:)

Hailey -K- said...

does kicking the bottom of people's feet really stop bloody noses?

Aubree said...

Aww.. Thanks Angie!! :D And Hailey... YES IT DOES!!! AWESOME huh?? :) I have to tell you a story about that by the way. lol.

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