Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberries and OTH! :) haha.

Last night Aust and I watched the final episode of One Tree Hill!
{picture from google}
I'm so sad it's over, but excited to find a new show to watch! :) 
I can't believe it's over! haha. We love that TV show! :) haha.
Then this morning we woke up and ate Strawberries and Cream!! :) Who loves Strawberries and Cream?? ME!! It's so good! :) 
And I think with the rest of my strawberries I'm gonna make some Strawberries and Cream Sherbet!
Remember when I made this a few years ago?
{It is SO easy to make! and requires only a little amount of ingredients!!}
I remember it being so yummy, so I'm excited to make it again so I can eat more!! hahaha.
Well have a great day and If you have any yummy strawberry recipes, let me know about them!! :) I love trying new recipes! Especially when I have all the ingredients! haha. :)
Well... Enjoy this beautiful day! :D

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Elise said...

I love One Tree Hill! I have the first 4 seasons, and I have seen every episode. I am so sad it is over too!! I think I'll have to get the rest of the seasons and rewatch them all :)

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