Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Lyla

Thursday we were off to Utah to go see our new niece! :) 
To get ready, I made some bread for the first time on Wednesday! Normal white bread and cinnamon bread, and they are both divine! haha. I never made bread before this because I don't really like to knead bread, but when I read the instructions to my Kitchen Aid, I found out that it will knead the bread for you, so I made sure I did that! haha. :)
The bread is all ready to take to the new parents! :) And there was left over, so we were able to enjoy some bread too! :)
Then I was just all in the cooking mood, so using everything I learned from my foods class, I made muffins! :) They were good too, and they were perfect! And MOIST!! Yum!
Then we were off to Utah! :) 
It was so fun! Little Lyla Kate is the cutest little baby girl! I just love her!
I held her all the time and helped Ashley change the diapers {And I didn't change the diaper.. haha. My help was if she cried try to cheer her up with her pacifier! haha.}
I took so many pictures and I couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so there are a lot on here, but trust me... When you finish looking at these pictures you will want to see more because she is so precious! :)
Then in the middle of these pictures, we had to take a picture of Hailey in her new outfit! :) She got the shoes before we got there, but then when we got there, we all decided to go shopping while Jordan and Austin went mountain biking! haha. It was Lyla's first shopping experience! And I got some really cute shoes! One of the pairs is in the first picture with Lyla and I. :) They are white with all colors on them! Hailey and I have matching shoes now haha. kind of {And Hannah and Kathryn have some too!}. :)
Then we were having too much fun taking pictures with the iPad. haha.
Then some more pictures of Lyla! :)
{She's laughing! :)}
{Doing her stretches! :) ha}
Oh we love her so much! :) Our last day we ate lunch at Dairy Queen, then we went shopping at the City Creek mall and I got a cute skirt! :) 
Aren't you wanting to see more pictures now??!!! I know! Well you can go here to see more!
Well have a great day! :)
P.S. Aren't you loving this weather?? I do! I did yard work all day yesterday and now my arms are paying for it! haha. :)


ashley mikell said...

I LOVE these pictures! And we miss you guys! Come back to see us!!

Austin & Aubree Egbert said...

I know!! We miss you guys too!! :) Hopefully we will be able to come sooner than later! haha. :)

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