Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dates! :D

This last weekend was SO fun! :) 
Friday Aust wanted to go to his mission reunion so we were off to Utah after his classes. 
But first we had to feed the calves.
The smell of the powdered milk stuff was so gross I almost puked. haha.
It was fun though to feed the calves with these huge bottles.
I named the 3 calves Fierce, Sleepy, and Clumsy! Because the one I fed (Fierce) was trying to rip the bottle out of my hand. haha. Then I named the second one sleepy because it pretty much just slept the whole time, and the last one I named clumsy because it kept falling because it's hooves were curled up, it was so sad. 
Then we stopped in Malad to throw away our garbage and there was massive lines to the gas stations and we could barely drive down the street it was so crowded.
We realized they were there because the Powerball! They wanted to win that $600 million!! haha. It was RIDICULOUS! haha.
The reunion was SO fun! :) It was fun to finally meet all the missionaries Austin served in Upstate New York with, and to meet one of his mission presidents and his wife! :) (The other one is still the mission president, but gets home in July) But ya it was funny because Austin would introduce me to all these people and I would laugh afterwards because they were totally like how he told me, so I could finally put faces to the missionaries I heard about! haha. They were all so funny and it was a blast! :)
We didn't take any pictures inside, so we took some pictures outside of the church :)
{These pink skinnys are my easter present, but Aust let me wear them early!! I am digging the Skinny Jeans lately! I love them, they are so cute! :)}
Well we came back Friday night and stopped at In-N-Out!! YUMMY!! haha. And we didn't get home until like 4 in the morning. haha. We were one tired couple!
But we finished reading the Hunger Games the whole way home! It was such a good book! :)
Saturday night we went on a date! :)
We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and then went to the HUNGER GAMES!!! :) It was such a good movie! We loved it! We are definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD! :)
This is when we were on our way to dinner:
Well while we were on our way, Austin hit a bird! We were on the freeway and out of nowhere this bird hits us and it splatters!! And it's feathers were all over the wipers and windshields! haha:
(Can you see them?)
Well the birds guts were all over the grill:
Then we got a car wash after we ate! haha. And I realized our food was in the back as we were in the car wash and Austin was like, get out and get it! hahahha. Ya I didn't of course, but we checked it, and they were fine! haha. And we got yummy treats for the movie! :)
Well we got to the theaters:
{Again... I'm digging skinny jeans lately! :)}
It was a great and fun date night! :)
{Oh and we were gonna meet up with a few couples, but they all had something going on last minute, so it was just a date for us! :) ahha.}
Well I finished school as I said before, and I went grocery shopping! hahaha.
We love our Simply Juices!!!
These strawberries just looked so good I couldn't resist! 
You can never have enough fruit!
And I got us a lot more fruit (bananas, pineapple), oh and by the way, I read on pinterest that if you separate the bananas, they won't ripen as fast, but I feel like my bananas are ripening faster!! DANG IT! Never doing that again. haha.
Well and with all the healthy stuff I had to get some sweets too!
{I also got ice cream and cinnamon roll pop-tarts!! :) YUM!}
Today I was trying to find things to do while Austin was taking his test, and I started writing this blog and Austin took this picture of me and said when you look at it, think "What Would Jesus Do?" haha. So I looked and thought he said that because Jesus is in the picture, but then he was like, "Both your heads are down!" hahaha. So he said he had to take a picture with our Mini Christ Statue in the picture! :)
Oh and I have loved not being in school anymore! :)
I've been able to clean the house! 
I was going to do yard work, but it was SUPER windy and sand was blowing in the yard, so I started to catch up Andy's mission blog instead! haha. :D
Well have a good night, and if you haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, GO. SEE. IT!! You will love it! :)
Suzanne Collins (The Author of the book) wrote the script!! :)
Well Peace out, scout! :) haha.

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