Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend! :)

Well I made the Strawberries and Cream Sherbet like I said I was going to, and it was just as good, if not better then I remember! :)
YUM to my TUM!
This Easter was a special one!
1. It was Mine and Austy's first Easter together as a married couple! YAY!
2. We spent Easter with our family and my Grandma Field in Wyoming! :)
We left Friday {And it was like a Blizzard in Idaho when we woke up, but it wasn't really snowing when we left!} morning. We headed to Utah. And it was a beautiful day in Utah and Wyoming while we were there.
My sister, JoDeeann, cut and colored my mom's hair and we visited her salon and went to this store called Gordman's.... It was AMAZING! :) I got a lot of Maxi Dresses and a shirt/swimming suit cover! :)
And Aust, Tyler, and Rusten went to Best Buy and Aust bought the New iPad... which he loves! haha. He is always on it, and we play monopoly on it. It's a blast! :)
Then we went to the new City Creek Center Mall and at dinner at Kneader's. It was really yummy! :)
Saturday we woke up and headed off to Wyoming! :)
We did yard work for my grandma and had a fire to burn the leaves and branches. haha. 
While we were outside, Sheena helped my grandma clean the inside of her house! :)
My grandma is so cute and sweet! :)
Then we listened to Rusten's spring recital for us! haha.
Easter Sunday we woke up and got ready for church. 
Aust got new cuff links for Easter and I got my pink skinny jeans I already wore.. hahaha.
And we got Zumba for the Kinect {I love it.. I've been playing it everyday! :)}
This is one of the dresses I got when I went shopping!
Church was so great and spiritual! :)
I love holidays that we get to think about Christ and what he did for us! :)
Well we got home and Aust was nowhere to be found. haha.
This is how we found him:
{HE'S DEAD!!! haha. no.. he's just sleeping! :)}
Then we went to the Clay (Turtle) Hills! It was so fun.
That is where we had our Easter Egg Hunt! :) We climbed the hills while my mom and Nancy hid the eggs {and they had shovels and put the eggs in the ground and only let a little bit show. :)}
The eggs had money and candy in them, and of course Rusten got the $20 bill! hahahaha. 
Well we were leaving and Rusten had a scorpion in his egg... he found it and wanted it so bad!! hahaha. So my mom took it and chucked it out because we didn't want to die!! haha.
It was a great holiday and it was so fun to spend it with family! :)

Tuesday I decided to make Pizza! I made the crust from the Prepared Pantry!! :)
Then Sheena and Tyler got us a Pizza cutting board thing and pizza plates from Crate & Barrel. 
So we finally got to use those!! :D
It was yummy! :)
Well, have a great day! :)
Hope you had a great Easter!
P.S. It's Friday the 13th!!! SCARY!! hahaha.
P.S.S. I'm an Aunt! :) Ashley had her cute little baby girl today! :) YAY!!!!

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