Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rigby's DYW and our week....

Last weekend, everyone went down to visit Lyla (my niece! :D), which meant we had to stay home to watch the farm... BUT tomorrow we are taking off to go meet the cute little girl! :) 
Well Saturday I really wanted to go see Rigby's DYW because I had friends that were in it, and my sister-in-law Hannah was going to come with me, but since Lyla made her arrival, they went down there! :) So Austin came with me! :) haha.
It was so fun and every one of those girls did fantastic! :) 
I forgot to take pictures (and I was even wearing a new outfit!), but this is the poster to advertise the program! :) 
{Photo from the DYW of Rigby facebook page :)}
It was a great night, and to wrap it up, we went and got some DQ! You can't pass up an offer like that! haha.
If you're wondering who won, here is the order:
Jaimee Hancock-Rigby's 2013 DYW
Megan Browning-1st runner-up
Kayla Adams-2nd runner-up
Maggi Shippen-3rd runner-up
Shaina Hansen-4th runner-up
Alex Myler-DYW of Rigby Spirit Award
I won't post every award... sorry. haha. Just the top girls! :)
And I am totally digging the new rule for DYW (formerly Jr. Miss), that for self expression you have to wear a short prom dress that goes to your knees. :) All the dresses I've seen so far have been adorable! :)
And it was so fun too see a lot of people I haven't seen for like a year (or less for some :D)! :)
And if you're reading this and you were in Rigby's DYW.. GOOD JOB! :) Seriously all the girls did so good, and all their talents were so good! :)
And the guy helpers were so funny and did so good! haha.
And Mrs. Thurber (the emcee/my old vice principal) did such a good job and was hilarious! :) haha. 
Well have a great week, and I will let you know how our visit to Lyla went! :)
P.S. Nothing has really happened this week so far, except I decided to lay out yesterday, and I was balancing my checkbook, and got FRIED!!! haha. Ya.. Aust and I have been putting so much Aloe Vera After Sun Moisturizer Lotion on me! haha. I just hope it turns into a nice tan! :) haha. And next time I am timing how long I am out there and when I need to flip so it doesn't happen again. haha. :)

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