Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Weekend.

This last weekend was so fun! :)
Friday night, Austin and I went to dinner with his sisters, Hailey and Alex, and their friend Hannah (Not my sister-in-law Hannah.. haha).
We went to Costa Vida and it was OH SO good.. just like it is every time! haha. :)
Then they went to This Means War, but we had already seen it, so instead we went to Cocoa Bean!! :D My favorite!
We got the Dirty Turtle Cupcake:
And the S'mores Cupcake:
Oh man... those made our night perfect. hahaha. :)
Well then Saturday came along and it was the big day for Hannah's Distinguished Young Women (formerly Jr. Miss) and she looked gorgeous and did so good. It was so fun! So many people came to support her, and she just stood out and did so good! She won everything but the Scholastic Scholarship, which means in the following picture, you are now looking at West Jeff's 2013 DYW!!! :D
YAY!!!! Go Hannah!! We were so excited and proud of her! :)
Now we get to go watch her at state and we are so excited! :)
Then today (Sunday) we had dinner with my family because it was my step-sister Brittany's birthday Saturday, so we celebrated today.. {And she is also getting married in May!!! So EXCITING!}
And Sunday was also FOUR years since Aust and I met!!! :D
Oh man, that was such a great day! I still remember him walking in to the stake dance in his sexy red collar shirt! :D haha. Oh man.. that was a great day! :)
Well have a great day! :)

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