Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have had some good days! :D
This Thursday in my foods class we made bread sticks and pretzels! :)
Oh man.. They were seriously SO good! :)
I want to make them all the time! haha. :)
And wednesday night I made mint chocolate brownie yummy things!! :)
I found the recipe on pinterest of course, but I kind of changed it up and they were OH SO GOOD! :)
And Thursday night Hannah came and hung out with us and Kathryn made us Chicken Spaghetti and Pie!
Ya we had a ton of food that day! haha. :)
But it was all DELICIOUS! :D
Then Friday I went to my mom's and we chatted for a while and went to a Mary Kay party! It was fun! :D

Well today was my sister in law Ashley's BABY SHOWER!!!!
Oh my goodness it was so fun and cute!
It was fun to meet lots of new people and to see Ashley and all the other fam! :)
Alex, Hannah, and I had a great trip down in the back seat while Kathryn and Grandma Barrett were in the front! haha. :)
Well I didn't take ANY pictures, so sorry about that, but I wish you could've seen how cute it was!!!!
She got so many cute things too!!
The only pictures I have are the baby booties I crocheted for Ashley's cute little baby that I'm so excited for her to have!! :D
Well I made brown ones with lace all around them:
And purple ones with big bows and a pearl on them:
And yellow ones that were boots and they had little white buttons on the side:
It was so fun to make all those booties and it was so fun to go down to Utah for the Baby Shower!! :)
We had a blast! :)
Have a great day!
And Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :)
P.S. Today we went to the Gateway Mall and people in Utah take St. Patty's Day seriously, there was like a parade and everything! haha.
And like none of us were in green, and Alex was wearing red pants, haha, ya we didn't fit in to that crowd at all!! haha. :)

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ashley mikell said...

I cannot get over how adorable those booties are!! I am beyond excited for her to wear them! Thank you thank you!

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