Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovely Wednesdays.

Yesterday my family and I of course did some yard work.. haha.
Then Austin and I took a trip to Rigby.
On our way we passed the snake river...

That water is not supposed to be there... It's way flooded... SHOOT!! ha.
We took a trip to the courthouse and I got a new driver's license AND...
Austin and I got our marriage license!!! WOOHOO!! :D

Afterwards we went to Rexburg and ran a few errands and I bought some cute shorts that go to my knee and then we went to this car wash!!!
It's called Ray's and it's the COOLEST car wash ever!! If you ever go through Rexburg... go to it!! :D

I took pictures as we were going through it!

You just put your car in neutral and it takes you through it automatically! :D

This soap is so cool huh?:


We went to Terreton and this little lonely lamb was in the middle of the road.

We got it to go to the side. :)

It was saved!! hahah. :)

Austin is the best fiance ever!!!

When he was little he would play with his tractor's in the carpet:

I took a picture for this suprise my mom is doing at the luncheon.

Well he is the best.

I love him so much.

He is so nice and he always tells me that he loves me.

And he always goes in depth on why he loves me and how much! It's the best!!!

The other night he pulled off to the side of the road and sang enchanted by taylor swift to me!

It was seriously the cutest thing ever..

I just melted!! :D

I have the best fiance ever!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the sister's tops for their outfit for my wedding!! :D

Have a great day!!


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