Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday I was asked to teach the sunbeams..

They are so stinkin cute!

We made frog families and finger puppets!

I had so much fun with them!

They are so funny! :)

And they say such funny things.

One of the little girls whenever one of her finger puppets would fall off, whoever it was, she would yell, "AHHH I LOST MY GRANDPA!! (or whatever stick figure it was)"

Then in primary she would say to her mom, "MOM... MOM... I can't wait until primary is over!" hahaha. Kate and Ellie are such fun little girls!

We didn't go along with the lesson too much except for the fact that we kept everything families.

Kate thought I was a mom and she was like, "Well you're a mom."

And I told her I Wasn't and she got all sad and said, "Why not?"

I told her I didn't have any kids.

Kate said almost crying, "What happened to them??"

haha. It was so cute! :)

That night I baled hay with Austin.

It was pretty fun, except his baler kept getting broke. haha.

Today I have just been getting ready for the wedding! :)


Who's excited??

Oh.... ME ME ME! :D

Have a great day!


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