Sunday, June 26, 2011

last weekend..

This weekend is the last weekend before I'm married!! :)

That means 6 more days!

So this weekend/week consisted of...

Swathing (or cutting hay for those of you who don't know what swathing is... don't worry that was me until I started dating my favorite farmer! haha.)

Swathing was so much fun! It's kinda like mowing the lawn.. except not.

Once you get done you feel so accomplished and you just want to jump for joy..

and you just want to stand and talk to someone non stop because you are finally out of the tractor which consisted of sitting by yourself. haha. :)

Then Austin and I drove this sweet vette at the Kunz family reunion....

Is it mine you ask??

Of course.. I just got it... NOT!

I wish it was mine. haha.

Then we were driving in Pocatello and saw this...

hahaha. This is this person's sprinkler... Austin and I just had to laugh because it's not often that you see a hose in a garbage can on the lawn :) And then we went to Red Lobster and my friend's reception! :) It was fun!

And now this week is crunch time... just getting everything ready for the wedding :)

Have a great weekend! :)


P.S. Check out mine and Austin's engagements here. :)

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