Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Date! :D

So Austin and I went on our hot date last night! :D

We went shopping and I bought this purse! Isn't it cute!!?? :)

Then we went to Cafe Rio
And... Austin broke his fork.. hahahaha.
I was laughing so hard it was hilarious!!
And Blake & Alex gave me a gift card to there for my birthday, so we used that!! Thanks! :D

Then we went to the new Pirates of the Carribean. :)
Austin kept making fun of me whenever I Would say that because I say it:

Pirates of the CarribEEn instead of CarribEAn!! hahahaha.
Well we had to wait quite a while unitl the movie started so we were just in the hall taking pictures and playing with the phones.. hahahaha.

Oh my gosh it was SO funny!! I Wish you were there!!

Austin called my phone and started talking to himself in each phone and it sounded so funny,

so we did that for so long and we were cracking up the whole time!

It's fun... you should try it!! It's funny because the sound is delayed and it's like two echos. haha.

I was going to put a video of us doing the phone thing..

but it's taken SO DANG LONG that I'm not going to. haha.

IF you'd like to see it, come see me sometime!! :D You'll laugh your head off! :)
Then the ceiling is a mirror so we took pictures of the ceiling. hahaha.

Harry Potter comes out in July to theaters!! YAY!! haha. They are fighting over me. hahaha. Just kidding but that's what this picture looks like :)

We finally got in the show and we were watching the previews and there was only us and two other people in the theater. hahaha. Well I had my shoes on the back of the chair in front of me, and when I took my feet off the chair... The stickers on the bottom of my shoe stayed on the chair!!


It. Was. So. Funny!

Well.... Have a great day!! :D


P.S. Today is Hannah's birthday!! YAY!! She is 16 and she is awesome! Happy Birthday Hannah!! :D

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