Saturday, April 9, 2011

Report on Cheer Banquet and other things! :)

I have had about enough of this snow......

But I guess I would rather have snow than wind...

although I would just love if it was WARM! :D

(snow in Utah last weekend.)

Austin decided he wanted to wear my clothes so he put on my sweater... haha.

It looked so funny. I was laughing my head off.

It's a little small on him..... :)

So the cheer banquet I told you I was going to??

Well it was really good and guess what!!!

AUSTIN CAME!! :D He ended up being able to be done with work..

He was a little late, but I Was so happy that he came!! :)

(The above 3 pictures are my cheer coaches and I, Katie is the burnette and Becca is the blonde.)

(The seniors!! :D)

(The JV squad and I)

(The Junior girls and I)

Austin and I went to Costa Vida the other night! It was SO good!! :D

I love it! We are going to be making more trips there now! :D


Commencement... I'm excited!

Last night we went to Blake's graduation. It was really good and after we went to Cold Stone!! YUMMMY!!! :D

Well have a great weekend everyone!! :D


P.S. I'm so excited for this weekend because my sister JoDee is coming up!! WOOHOO!! :D

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Mitch + Roz said...

UMMM I miss you guys so mcuh and your skirt is ADORABLE where did you get it? miss ya and love ya lots

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