Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is that your left hand?!?!?

Last night Austin and I took a trip to visit Blake and Alex. We went to this yummy food place and had yummy shakes and food. :) Then we talked to them for a while and it was so fun!

Well the reason we took the drive was because I need to get my ring sized because it was pretty big. I would be practicing my harp and it would almost fall off. ha. And one time I flung my hand and my ring flew off.... oops! I decided then that it needed a sizing. Well Blake and Alex were going down to Utah so they said they would take my ring down there. :)

So my left hand went from this:

To this:


I have been missing my ring like crazy. I keep thinking I lost it when I don't see it on my finger, but then I remember that it's getting sized. ha.

Today at school everyone was like, "AUBREE!!!! Is that your left hand?!? Where is your ring?!?!?" Well I was going to pretend for two seconds that the engagement was broken off..... BUT I can't keep a straight face even thinking about saying that haha so I just told everyone that it was getting sized and that I am so excited to get it back!! :D This weekend can't come faster :)

Have a great day!! :D


P.S. We have been learning about the Salt Lake Temple lately and it is so cool to find out about it!

Like the east and west towers represent the priesthood and just a lot of other cool things!!

And it took FOURTY years to finish!

I am so thankful for those men that built that temple and one of these days I am going to go inside it!! :) haha.

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