Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Do you ever crave something and you can't stop thinking about that thing until you get it??

Well this morning my mom gave my this Arctic Circle thing... and I know what you're thinking "EWW Arctic Circle is sick fast food!" Well let me tell ya... They have GREAT SHAKES!! :D So back to my story... hahaha. my mom gave me the Arctic Circle coupon thing and it had a picture of the Triple Berry Milkshake on it and on man... let me tell ya.. after I saw that picture my mouth was watering at school all day.

My friends asked where we should go for lunch and I thought, "OH Perfect timing!!" So I said ARCTIC CIRCLE!!

We got there and it was packed, but I wasn't gonna give up. We went through the drive thru and that is the FIRST thing I ordered... They probably thought I was crazy! haha.

I got my shake:

And OOOH my goodness!! Was it worth it you ask??

YESSSSSSS!!!! It was SO worth it! It tasted SO good! :)

Next time you go to Arctic Circle you should defintely order one! :D

Have a great Wednesday!!


1 comment:

ashley mikell said...

ooh yum. i love arctic circle shakes!! my favorite it oreo fudge.

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