Thursday, January 31, 2013

No pic kinda post... haha.

Ya.. sorry about this post not having pictures... I know it is much more fun to read when there are pictures, but I kinda just feel a little lazy at this moment and don't want to email pictures to me and then save them and then put them on here.... haha. Wow.. that makes me sound really lazy because that isn't even hard to do. ha.
Ok so right now I am curled up in a blanket on my couch writing this post. 
I have been so cold today, I have my moccasins on and everything! haha. 
Well the past little bit I have been sick and haven't really went anywhere because of it, and I think I might just explode if I don't go anywhere soon!! hahha. Which is why I am so excited that there is a game tomorrow, and then Saturday there is DYW practice in the morning and then a baby shower for my SIL (YAY I am so excited for baby Hawker (Little J as Aust would say, because he calls Alex "J") to get here!!).
Ok so tomorrow is the first day of February and I am SO excited!! :) I just realized that tomorrow is the 1st of Feb. and it's weird because I have been thinking that every day the next day will be Feb. except the day that the next day really is going to be Feb. haha. 
Well I am excited for February for a few reasons! :) But I will just name a few for now, and as the month goes on I will name others! haha. Well, the baby shower which I already talked about! Then it is my sister Sheena's birthday (I would link you guys to her blog, but she hasn't written on it in FOREVER... hahaha. But don't worry, you will always hear about her on my blog! :)), well she shares her birthday with Super Bowl this year! haha. I will let you in on our deets of our party afterwards! haha. :) But it is going to be a blast! :)
And of course... VAELNTINE'S DAY!!!! :D WOOHOO... I have always loved valentine's day, even when I didn't have a Valentine's.... It's just a happy holiday and maybe I like it because pink is my favorite color and pink is a main color on this holiday! hahha.
Anyways.... ya. So February is going to BOMB!!! :) (Except we will be doing tax stuff too which won't be too bomb, but it'll be bomb once it's over, and we have an accountant so we don't really have to worry about stressing over getting everything right! haha)
K honestly... the reason why I haven't blogged in like what a week and a half? Maybe 2 weeks? Maybe longer... YIKES!!! Is because it just makes me think of my homework, and I haven't really been in the mood for homework lately, which of course I do it, because I wouldn't get good grades if I didn't, but whenever I get on to blog, I just think, man I should really be doing my homework.. and therefore, no blogging! haha.
BUT... Tomorrow is the start of a new month which means a fresh start for blogging! haha. So I am going to try to think of things to blog about, so I don't bore you guys with no blogging... hahha.
That is another reason I haven't blogged, I don't really know what to blog about lately... Any suggestions?? :)
Well I will be done for the night! haha. But let me know of any suggestions if you have any, and have a great night!! :)
P.S. I promise my next post won't be as boring... (hopefully.. hahhaa.)

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LindsayMcCabe said...

Love your cute blog! As for suggestions on blogging, I'm jealous of your crafting and cooking abilities so any tutorials would be appreciated :] haha

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